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Your team is your power source.

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"My business is growing. I have strategies in mind for how to continue expanding but I cannot do everything myself. How can I develop my team so that they can lead initiatives while I keep building my company?"

Develop your people.

3PG understands the importance of executive leadership training and talent development coaching.

Empowering employees is energizing. For members of your team, it shows you trust them and want to invest in them. When you strengthen their capabilities, your company can function at a higher level, driving business profitability and business growth.

Being able to rely on a team of people who are invested in your company will help with productivity and business expansion possibilities.

Through a thorough assessment of your workforce, 3PG can help you deploy the right people to the right positions and train those in management and leadership roles to lead based on your company's values and mission.

"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things.
He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things."

–  Ronald Reagan

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Talent development coaching and executive leadership training are key drivers of success in companies that are looking to expand or position themselves for business transition. Using our combined 100 years of expertise in working with teams and developing talent, we can create a targeted plan for developing your people in order to meet business goals.

  • Board development and training
  • Executive coaching and advisory services
  • Individual, team and companywide assessments
  • Leadership and management development training
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