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Keep climbing

By Brian Horn

In the past, Paul Welborn would have taken the lead on assembling his company’s career ladder. But not this year, as Welborn continues to learn to delegate at Lawn & Pest Solutions in New Albany, Ms. He’s put his managers on the lawn side of the business in charge of creating the steps a technician has to take to climb the ladder.“A year ago, I would have put a lot of the information together and had them look at it and see what they thought,” he says. “Now they’re building out that information and I’m giving my feedback, which is the way it should be.”Welborn has learned through the process that his managers are more than capable of taking on the responsibility, and saves him the headache of one more task.He says they always had the ladder in their minds and operated as if it was official, but never had it in writing.“It’s sort of the way we did it anyway,” he says. “But the value in it now, it’s putting it on a piece of paper and being able to put it in front of a guy and say, ‘Here’s your path….Click Here to read the entire Newsletter